11 Genius Cake Tips That'll Save You A Lot of Time

Hacks from professional cake decorators (and some of us from the shop!) that will help you do much more in less time!

We got in touch with some very amazing cakers who were kind enough to take part in this blog to give all of you some very useful tips for you carry with you throughout your caking journey! 

1. Invest in a fan paint brush ... great for getting letters out of alphabet cutters and shapes out of other cutters- Shereen Van Ballegooyen of Shereen's Cakes and Bakes 


2, Release Spray - When baking I absolutely hate lining tins, it takes forever! So I don't...I use the Non-Stick release spray which saves me so much time. It doesn't affect the taste of your cakes in any way. 15 minutes lining tins...or 5 seconds spraying them! You can see the appeal- Natalie Dickinson of Hello Cuppies 


3. Prep, prep, prep! - If I have a busy week I prep as much as I possibly can, as far ahead as I can. This includes covering my cake drums in fondant, making up boxes and labelling them and even sometimes weighing out all my ingredients in Tupperware boxes ready for baking. Makes it so much easier when it comes to the actual baking part and when your cake is finally finished and you can just box it up and be done.- Natalie Dickinson of Hello Cuppies


4. Avoid the lint - Tip: if making anything white, make sure you wear white clothing and have a small ball of fondant or flowerpaste to clean your hands on- Isabelle Payne of Rosehip Bakery


5. Saving the scraps - Ok so my tip is to keep spare coloured modelling paste (wrapped in plastic and in a tub), so that when you only need a tiny amount of a colour, you don't have to colour more paste. Modelling paste will last for months if stored correctly, so there's no need to throw it away. I wrap my modelling paste in sandwich bags, and place in spare icing tubs.- Vix Turner of Yellow Bee Cake Company


6. Clean as you go - It's a thing of pride watching your masterpiece leave your front door but the same can't be said looking at the other 'masterpiece' you've created on your work space. It might not sound like a lot but if you are like me, who handles every aspect of a project on your own from the baking to the decorating to seeing that the cake is safely in the hands of the recipient, you will thank yourself for all the little washing, wiping and stowing away that you carry out as you worked!- Sheryl Bito of Buns in the Oven

7. Invest in an airbrush - So my number 1 trusted time saving technique has been using my airbrush. Not only do I save money on buying coloured fondant but I save time and energy on mixing colour into fondant. I still do buy some coloured fondant but the airbrush has been a great time saver.


8. Ingredients at room temperature - So every baker knows it's better to use butter and eggs which are at room temp. If you are a scatter brain like me and forget to take your eggs out of the fridge, here's a time saving hack. To bring your eggs to room temp but in a bowl of hot or very warm tap water. They should come up to room temp in less than 5 mins. 😉- Florence Gutu of GutuCakes


9. Wafer paper - Wafer paper is my time saving hack. I know it may not really sound like a hack 'cause it's such an awesome medium used in so many ways... but it's my go-to when I need to create something quickly. I pull out the wafer paper and find a way to make it work!
No kneading, no rolling out, no waiting for it to dry... just cutting or a paper punch and a steamer or a little piping gel and it can usually get the job done.
Flowers, bows, ruffles... there's so much it can save time on!
A girl's (ok fine, boys too 😜) best friend.- Shawna McGreevy of McGreevy Cakes and CakeHeads 


10. Learn when to stop - I always kick myself for this! Fiddling around with pointless details of a cake once I've finished. I am forever stressing over the smallest things that my friends & family will never notice (but you know how harsh we can be on ourselves). My tip is to just leave. it. alone! I cannot count the number of nights I have wasted trying to fixing the smudges from colours I never even knew I was using or the dents I've made with my nails all because I couldn't step away from the cake. - Georgia from The Cake Decorating Shop


11. Shop systematically - go through the whole process of your cake whilst at the checkout or till to ensure you have everything you need. From the cake tin, to specific modelling tools/colours, to fondant and cake boards & boxes and ribbon. It's the best way to make sure you're not panicking at midnight when all the shops are shut! - Zoe from The Cake Decorating Shop


And there you have it! Thank you everyone for sending in your best hints & tips! We really hope this has helped you out. Maybe you even have some more to add to this list? Please leave a comment and let us know!  

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