A day with The Chocolate Strawberry!

We jumped at the opportunity to have Sarah from The Chocolate Strawberry back to teach with us at our new unit when she got in touch end of last year! For me, it would be my first time meeting her and so I was super excited (though I had been following her work for a long time on social media).

The Sunday morning was -5C so once I got in, the heating was turned up, biscuits out and kettle switched on. Sarah refused any help with unloading her car, so I started on the seating arrangement...

Fiso turned up about 20 minutes later so that she could see Sarah again and also show me how to use our camera (technology and I don’t see eye to eye!). The students followed soon after, arriving nice and early which meant we could all have a gossip and catch up before the class started at 10am - it was lovely to see so many familiar faces and they too, were very impressed with our new room (success!!).

Once the students were ready to begin and had their blank canvases in front of them, Sarah explained what their class would entail. I, unfortunately had to sneak off as I had a busy day ahead.

At 2pm it was time to come back to the unit to check how everything was going with the class. ‘WOW!...’ Is all that crossed my mind as I opened the door to see so many beautifully painted cakes. It was even more impressive that those who had never put brush-to-cake before were still able to produce such masterpieces!

Take a look for yourself!

It just goes to show that with the right tutor; who is patient, kind and encouraging, you can achieve so much! So many of us have the ability to paint, we just need to have a little bit of courage to take that step. I think next time Sarah comes down, she’ll be saving a space for the three of us on her class!

Thank you so much Sarah for fitting us in and for the lovely students for making the day so fun and special!

Fiso, Georgia & Matt

Written by Georgia

For information regarding classes or teaching with us, please email georgia@thecakedecoratingshop.co.uk

Taught by : The Chocolate Strawberry

Hosted by: The Cake Decorating Shop

Time & Date: 22nd January, 10am-2pm


'Sarah was an excellent tutor, well prepared, professional and friendly, and I look forward to another course with her in the future' - Chris

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Deb Dargue (No Accounting For Cake) - February 1, 2019

Good morning. I was just wondering if you have a class timetable available for 2018 or even the rest of 2017?

I would be interested.


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