Christmas Cake Decorations: Our Top Tips for Festive Bakes

The holidays are always an exciting time for bakers, as it’s our chance to showcase our skills through creative cake designs and experimenting with flavours. But with so many traditions associated with Christmas, a lot of bakers will opt for classic designs.

However, this year we want to inspire our customers to be more outgoing with their designs, to showcase their true creative skills. Whether you’re a beginner in this field, or have been baking for years, there will be inspiration for everyone:

Setting the Scene

Break the mould with your designs this year with our silicone moulds, cookie cutters and sugar decorations, to add recognisable characters to children’s Christmas cakes. Not only are moulds and cutters convenient, but they require minimum skill, making them ideal for novices.

Sugar decorations can be fun for family baking sessions, where your children want to get involved without spending too much time on concentrating carefully on crafting decorations themselves.

Creating characters and props are great for cakes where you want to recreate a scene. For example, recreating the nativity, Santa’s sleigh or presents under the Christmas tree.

Outgoing Designs

Instead of sticking with a classic round cake this year, why not test your cake carving skills for a more outgoing design. There is a lot of inspiration online, including Santa’s legs in the air as he goes down the chimney, reindeers with tall, propped up antlers and dome shaped cakes for Christmas puddings.

Or alternatively, shock everyone with something completely different by experimenting with flavours. Christmas cakes do not have to be dressed in icing; instead why not try a fruit cake and get creative with shape, colour and toppings.

Creative with Colour

Christmas is a very colourful season, with multiple palettes you could follow. For more classic designs you have your reds and greens which you cannot go wrong with. However, if you are feeling more experimental, blue has become popular as a go-to festive colour, often paired with white and metallic silver.

You can achieve colourful bakes with our edible paints and powder colours for more precise colouring of your cake decorations. Or for something more challenging, we have our range of airbrush colours to try out.

Detail with Icing

Another way to challenge your artistic baking skills this Christmas is with icing. Intricate details on Christmas baubles, dainty strings of Christmas lights and delicate drawings on moulded sculptures can all take your bake to another level.

Final Presentation

If your cakes are not for your home and instead a party or family member, take pride in your presentation while moving it from A to B. Our range of cake boards and cake boxes can add to your cake’s appeal while keeping it safe on its journey.

We still have a while to go until Christmas, leaving you with plenty of time to practice and prepare to provide the wow-factor with your bakes this Christmas! Get your kitchen equipped with our Christmas baking essentials range today.

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