David Austin Rose (Patience Rose)


This was a very exciting/ nerve racking day for us as it was our first class in our new unit in Bracknell! All of the tools & equipment, tables & chairs were set out the night before in an attempt to be organised for once ;)

The morning of the of the class was a chilly one and upon arrival at the unit, we realised the lock had completely frozen! After the struggle, the lock finally granted us access to our shop and we rushed upstairs to switch on the classroom heating, place the biscuits on the table and brew ourselves a nice hot cup of tea.

Our five lovely students walked through the doors and we were greeted with smiles and gasps as they saw our new teaching space. (Just to put things into perspective, our previous classroom had been the same space as where we stored 75% of our stock and processed online orders so it was a tight squeeze!). No longer did they have to cram around two tables and bump elbows - yipee!!

The class ran for a total of 6 hours and in that time they were taught a variety of sugar-crafting skills and could now see why the flower was named ‘patience rose’! ;) Helenna also had the time to teach the students a bonus flower called a lisianthus whilst the layers of the David Austin were drying out. 

Check out what they created!

Taught by: Helenna Mannila - ClearlyCake

Hosted by : The Cake Decorating Shop

Photos: Matt Peters

Date & Time: 21st January, 10am-4pm

Cost: £80

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