Easy Cake Decorating ideas to try at home

For those who enjoy baking and decorating cakes our home kitchens are often the place where creativity blooms and we take the opportunity to experiment and enjoy. 

Here we look at a few easy cake decorating ideas to explore at home, helping to expand and improve your decorative skills!

Just experiment!

Whether you’re looking to improve on an old classic or create something new and different, letting your imagination run free can make for some innovative cake decorating. Don’t be scared to experiment and see what happens as the results are often fantastic!

Explore colours

If you are interested in expanding your cake decorating skills, there are a range of new colouring options that should definitely be explored. From airbrushing and powder colours to lustre dusts and edible paints there are no bounds to the possibilities when it comes to creative cake colouring.     

Get fruity

One of the most interesting cake decorating trends to explore is the use of fruit, with a wide option available thanks to a host of different colours, tastes and textures! So whether you prefer strawberries and kiwi fruit or banana and plums, there is a chance to create something really different.

Use edible decorations

If you really want to make a statement creation and add some real oomph to your latest cake decorating project, consider using edible decorations. Ready-made items such icing as decorations, cake toppers and sugar flowers are just some of the fantastic options available!

Try new tools

Your home kitchen is a great place to experiment with new decorating tools and appliances that can help you develop new skills and achieve amazing results. There are a great selection of new bakeware, moulds and cutting tools that can add a new dimension to your creative ambitions.  

Get in touch

The Cake Decorating Shop is a specialist supplier of baking equipment offering a wide range of products that help our customers make the perfect cake!

To find out more about how we can assist with your next cake decoration project please contact our friendly team today on 01344 308899 or visit our store at the Longshot Lane Industrial Estate in Bracknell, Berkshire.   

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