Halloween Cake Decorations: Our Top Tips for Spooky Sponges

One of the biggest aspects of Halloween is the treats! But if you want to switch it up this year, why not spend Halloween night creating bewitching bakes that all the family can enjoy.

With the Halloween theme, the design possibilities are endless. From ghostly pumpkins and bats, to eerie witches and tomb stones, you can turn delicious bakes into almost anything in your spooky desires!

Creepy Crawly Cupcakes

Small cupcakes can be the perfect base when you have lots of ideas that you want to try out. Turn chocolate cupcakes into spiders by adding sliced black liquorice to create long, dangly legs or add googly eyes and strips of white icing for a terrifying mummy. Then present them in Halloween cupcake cases for the final scare!

Bewitching Biscuits

Getting artistic with icing for creepy cookies is a great way to keep your baking station minimal in equipment but with maximum creativity. Find an array of icing colours and spooky cookie cutters and allow your children to go wild with their ideas.

Petrifying Cake Pops

These one bite treats are a party favourite for their novelty design and delicious taste. Create eerie eyeballs, bats and mummies for a terrifying treat that puts your baking and decorating skills to the test.

Fun with Colour

Green, orange, purple, red and black icing and cream are all great ways to give a splash of colour and spooky twist on your Halloween baking. To decorate, small sweets disguised as wandering eyes, insects or fangs are perfect. Or, add short straws with pictures attached of pumpkins, skeletons or upside down witches’ boots to make them the scare of the town!

Halloween Character Moulds

Silicone moulds are great for creating spine-chilling characters for cake toppers or small treats. Just pour your chocolate or baking mixture into the moulds and watch mummies, grim reapers and ghosts rise again!

Keep your little one’s busy this Halloween with a kitchen prepped for the ultimate Halloween baking session. Find all of your baking essentials and decorating tools with us at The Cake Decorating Shop and browse our Halloween range for spooky extras!

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