How to make a marble cake

Marble cakes are always a really easy & fast way to create a bold effect on your cake! 
Whilst it can be a little cringey for perfectionists, I simply love the fact that it doesn't have
to be perfect. No two marbled effects are the same and the sooner you accept that, the 
more you will enjoy this design :P 

So! Here's a little guide of how do my cakes:

Step 1 - Pick your colours! The sky is the limit with this one - you can choose
whichever amount of colours in whichever quantities. I wanted to go for a vibrant
rainbow blend so I used the Renshaw Neon Pack which is great as it means my 
hands weren't going to get too messy! 
Alternatively if you're looking for specific colours, feel free to colour your own with 
some concentrated gels/ pastes. 

(Hint: You don't have to have white as your base colour or necessarily have more
of one colour but I just did for this blog post to keep things simple)

Step 2 - Roll them out. Pretty self-explanatory. You'll want to roll these out into
sausage shapes so that they're roughly the length of your main colour.

Step 3 - Commence the blending! For this step I gently pressed my coloured
fondant into the white piece, leaving a little bit of white between each colour. 

Step 4 - Twisting & kneading. This is the exciting part as you can start to see 
the colours blending (it's just too pretty!!). My only real advice for this part is to 
not over-blend - you don't want to end up with it all one solid colour.

Step 5 - Roll it out. At this point, you literally just roll it out as you would a normal
piece of fondant before you cover a cake. This is the moment you see the final
pattern you've created and it's mega exciting (well, for me anyways! :D)

And here you have it! 

Just for reference, this is an 8" cake dummy, 4" deep. The colours I used were
each equal weights of 100g and the white piece was approx. 500g

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section
below and we'll get back to you!



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