Quick & Easy Egg Substitutions!

Avoiding eggs due to religion, allergies or lifestyle choices doesn't mean that you can't also indulge in tasty cakes!

Nowadays people are getting so creative in the kitchen in order to avoid adding egg to their bakes. Most of these replacements are highly likely to already be in your home ready for you to use.

We've found this very handy guide for egg substitutions and we really hope it helps! 

If you don't fancy any of these substitutions, don't worry - these are strict guidelines! Check out Fiso's vegan chocolate cupcake recipe who didn't use any of the ones listed below but still made them taste lovely (if I must admit to this!)

Happy baking! 

Georgia x


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Fi - July 23, 2018

Hi Avril
We have an 8 inch layer cake recipe we can email you. It will be easy to scale down

Avril McDougall - June 19, 2017

Do you have recipe for a vegan full cake approx 7" round please.

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