Thank you Teacher Cupcake Ideas

Super-Creative Thank You Teacher Cupcake Ideas


As we grow older, we have to leave some people behind, whether we like it or not. Although many teachers will soon be forgotten, there are those several few that will mark our lives forever. The one that explained a difficult concept to us for good, or one that taught us an important life lesson that changed our lives... those people are true teachers, and for them, we always want to do one more thing, and leave one more “Thank You Teacher” note.

So why not thank them in an unusual way – with your own cupcakes? If you are a creative type and like to bake, this will allow you to truly express your feelings in a sweet and delicious way.

Ready to try? Take a look at some of our suggestions for super-creative Thank You Teacher cupcakes!



For your children’s kindergarten or pre-school teacher, why not use some of your kid’s art to make the cupcakes really personalized. Not only will the little one enjoy helping you make them, but you will teach them the importance of hard work and saying “thank you”. Use some edible ink pens and sugar paste and have your fun with it. Pack them in a cupcake box for safe transfer and let your child give it to their teacher on their own. They’ll love it!



Think of what you (or your kid) learned from the teacher and implement it in the cupcakes. To complement your favorite cupcake recipe, find toppers that send out a message you were getting at, or make them on your own using fondant. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, book or a simple thank you note, we’re sure the teacher will love it.



For teachers who love flowers, there’s nothing that says “thank you” like a bunch of flowers. So why not use them to decorate your hand-made cupcakes? Try some gum paste ideas that will leave that perfect impression. Play with colours and different types of flowers, and show that teacher how much she means to you.



Thinking outside the box is never a bad thing – so why not try something that isn’t that ordinary? Use a wood impression mat, fmm tappits, and some fondant and see what you end up with. We like this idea because it really brings the memories of school, wooden desks, and fruit snacks. Your teacher will appreciate it, too.



You can always make a combination of all of the above and add something special to each one of the cupcakes. Use different elements, different colors and different shapes to tell your teacher about everything they’ve done for you and everything you appreciate them for. They’ll eat each one with a special memory in their heart.

All in All...

We all cherish those special teachers that marked our (or our kids’) life. When we want to say thank you – is there a better way than cupcakes? Have your fun with them and tell your story, and you really can’t go wrong.

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