The First Time You Teach...

The first time you teach will be terrifying! - you will wonder if the students have a clue of what you’re on about, whether they will have fun or if they will go away feeling like they’ve just wasted their time & money.

I actually only decided to create a class to teach myself because our work neighbour wanted a Christmas gift for his daughter and vouchers just wouldn't cut it.

So...this is all his fault really! ;)

The week leading up to my first class, I was so tempted to ask Fi to substitute me so I could crawl into a corner and just feel sorry for myself. As a general life rule, I try and avoid all events which involve me being centre of attention or a “role model” so you can imagine this was a pretty daunting time!

My main concern was that I may come across as patronizing. I did not want to seem as though I were all-knowing or stuck up for correcting people’s techniques. (Quite a silly thought as people have paid to be taught the right way of doing things and are expecting to make their own mistakes!) aaaaanyway!...

Day of the class: ‘oh god, did I bake enough cupcakes?’, ‘will this be enough buttercream?’ ‘do we have any spare piping bags?!

Safe to say, I was super nervous when my 9 students all got sent upstairs to come and join me in the classroom by Matt. They all found their seats and then turned to look at me and listen to what I had to say. *suddenly forgets the little speech I had rehearsed so many times*

It started with ‘as you can tell, I’m quite nervous as this is my first ever class’ which was met with a few ‘awws’ and big smiles. Shaky hands, feeling quite sweaty and I can sense that my face has gone bright red.

And then all of a sudden...calmness just washed over me and I was actually very optimistic about the few hours ahead. It was 100% to do with how lovely each and every one of my students were. I was especially comforted by already knowing our work neighbour who had brought his daughter with him. (This hero actually turned up to the class with a broken elbow and finger yet piped brilliantly!). Everyone was so understanding and patient whilst I figured out what I was going to teach next and re-phrasing quite often because I'd gotten tongue-tied.

The hours went by and yes, there were some hiccups I hadn’t anticipated such as the temperature of the room affecting the buttercream as much as it did - this was fixed with some air con and extra icing sugar ;) But I was just so impressed with everyone's work, they had all picked up the techniques so quickly! Check it out! 

By the end of the class, everyone seemed really happy with their progress and thanked me a lot for helping them to learn some new skills which they can further develop with lots of practice! I, myself learned so much about how to teach people, the timings for future classes and just how much temperature affects all aspects of piping! In summary, we all thought it was quite a success which is brilliant for a first attempt at organising and running my very own class.

The first time I taught will always be my favourite. I can’t imagine that feeling of accomplishment and pride over my students work will ever be topped by another!


All piping nozzles and bags are available on the website! Happy baking :) 

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TIna - March 7, 2017

Awww. They look amazing! I must admit I had a few giggles reading through your post! Looking forward to attending one of your classes soon

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