Piping and Icing Tools

Wilton Deluxe Practice Board

Wilton Deluxe Practice Board

by Wilton
  • Decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more quickly and confidently
  • Practice board and opens and locks in three angled positions, plus 90-degree angle
  • Features more than 80 bag and tip techniques
  • A great way to build your skills
  • The 11 ¼-in. x 8 ½-in. decorating surface gives you plenty of room to practice a technique until it becomes easy to do.
  • Build your decorating skills while building your confidence by practicing on this must-have board.
  • Measures 13 in x 10 ¾ in.
Korean Frill Piping Nozzles 7 Piece Set
The Cake Decorating Shop

Korean Frill Piping Nozzles 7 Piece Set

100 Disposable Icing Bags - 21"
The Cake Decorating Shop

100 Disposable Icing Bags - 21"

100 Disposable Icing Bags - 21"

by The Cake Decorating Shop
  • Disposable Savoy piping?í´ÌÎÌ__bags
  • Measuring 21 inches (45cm), these bags can be cut to fit the required nozzle or icing bag adaptor/coupler.
  • Made of strong plastic these bags are suitable for piping with mediums like buttercream, fresh cream and royal icing.?í´ÌÎÌ__
  • Can be cut down if needed
  • Pack of 100
Single 21" Disposable Icing Bags
The Cake Decorating Shop

Single 21" Disposable Icing Bags

PME 12" Disposable Icing Bags- Pack of 12
Cake Star 12" Disposable Piping Bags - Pack of 12
12" PME Icing Bag (30cm)
18" PME Icing Bag (45cm)
Wilton Three Colour Coupler

Wilton Three Colour Coupler

by Wilton

The Color Swirl 3-Color Coupler seamlessly blends 2-3 color icings as you pipe. Choose from double swirl or triple swirl colors. The interlocking coupler pieces connect multiple decorating bags, allowing you to swirl 2 or 3 colors together with one simple piping motion. Just connect and secure with the included ring. Color Swirl 3-color coupler interlocks three decorating bags (sold separately) into place so you can easily decorate cakes, cupcakes and other sweet treats in multiple colors. You can also switch out tips easily for different piping techniques in the same icing colors. Color Swirl three-color coupler includes three interlocking coupler pieces that are placed in decorating bags. The ring holds the decorating tip secure while piping.

3 Colour Coupler Sale
The Cake Decorating Shop

3 Colour Coupler

Ateco Standard Nozzle Coupler
PME Cleaning Brush Large Cone
JEM Cleaning Brush- Small Sold out

JEM Cleaning Brush- Small

by JEM
Sold out

Cleaning Brush for small piping tubes/ nozzles

Useful easy to use brush thatÌÎÌ__ÌÎÌ__í«ÌÎ?s great for cleaning nozzles and inside gaps of cutters that your sponge cant reach!

The handle has a loop at the end making it easy to grip and turn and the hard wearing bristles make this cleaning brush a must have.

Wilton Cake Icer Decorating Tip W789
  • Wilton Cake Icer Tip: #789.
  • This tip lays out an approximately two inch strip of frosting with a smooth finish or a ridged finish.
  • Frosting your cakes evenly couldn't get any easier than this!
  • This tip does not work with a coupler; simply slip it into your decorating bag?í´ÌÎÌ__
  • Constructed of stainless steel.
JEM #789 Cake Icer Nozzle
JEM 2D Drop Flower Piping Nozzle
JEM 1E Drop Flower Piping Nozzle
JEM 1F Drop Flower Piping Nozzle
JEM No.1M Open Star Icing Nozzle
JEM No.3ES Large Fine Star Icing Nozzle
JEM No.1 Round/ Writing Icing Nozzle
JEM No.2 Round/ Writing Icing Nozzle
JEM No.3 Round/ Writing Icing Nozzle
JEM No.5 Round/ Writing Icing Nozzle
JEM No.3R Round Savoy Icing Nozzle
JEM No.104 Medium Petal Icing Nozzle
JEM No.116 Medium Petal Icing Nozzle
JEM No.127 Medium Petal Icing Nozzle
JEM No.66 Leaf Icing Nozzle
JEM No.69 Leaf Icing Nozzle
JEM No.113 Leaf Icing Nozzle
JEM No.352 Leaf Icing Nozzle
JEM No.233 Grass/ Fur Icing Nozzle
JEM No.235 Large Grass/ Fur Icing Nozzle