About us

Our goal for The Cake Decorating Shop is to provide all of our lovely customers with high quality service by offering a great variety of products at great prices! Our customer base ranges from the annual bakers, to the professionals and everyone in between! We aim to know all things cake so if you have any questions, we’ll happily answer them as best we can!

Here’s a little bit about the people behind the business...

Fiso - She's the boss lady

  • When did you start the business?In 2011, I started baking & selling cakes from home under ‘Wokingham Cakes’. In 2012, I then decided to start selling cake tools & equipment on Ebay & Amazon, using my garage and dining room table as storage. After working around the clock, I have nabbed myself a whole warehouse - hello tidy home!
  • Why did you make your first cake?At the age of 10, I desperately wanted to bake but my mum never saw the fascination with baking so always forbade me. Once time when she was away, I baked the most awful rock hard cake - she was so mad when she came back 2 days later and made me eat the whole lot!
  • Your favourite type of cake to make?Chocolate cake!
  • A cake skill you would like to improve?I would love to learn gravity defying cakes
  • 3 words to describe yourselfDetermined, dedicated and (sometimes!) disciplined


Nadine - 

  • When you joined the businessI joined back in March 2015 after walking into the shop for the first time and falling head-over-heels! I had just quit a different job and Fi conveniently happened to be looking to take someone on for a few hours a week. 
  • Why did you make your first cakeMy best friend was turning 18 and I’d seen a rainbow cake I wanted to re-create. I used liquid colouring and the sponges were so dull! Thank god I found out about paste colours...
  • Your favourite type of cakeFor someone who doesn’t actually like eating cake, this is a tricky one! I have eaten a few decent chocolate cakes in the past though
  • A cake skill you would like to improve?I would love to master sculpture cakes...one day!
  • 3 words to describe yourselfHilarious (this seems to be debatable!), happy and hard-working

All of us here have previous experience with customer service which we put to great use. We absolutely love the feeling of customers contacting us to let us know  ‘their cake worked!’ and proceeding to grab their phones to show us their pictures! We take pride in knowing the majority of our repeat customers by name!

Telephone: 07838 388299

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