Clear Plastic 2 part Baubles 7cm (Pack of 10)

by n/a

This is a pack of 10 plastic transparent ball or clear?í´ÌÎÌ__bauble, comes in 2 parts with a?í´ÌÎÌ__tab on each side with a hole to hang it.?í´ÌÎÌ__

These are mainly?í´ÌÎÌ__used?í´ÌÎÌ__as?í´ÌÎÌ__christmas for decorating your tree, for example you can add a decoration?í´ÌÎÌ__or ?í´ÌÎÌ__sweets/gift to the inside and decorate the outside.

Great for filling with sweets and gifts

They measure 7cm in diameter

Have a hanging loop to put ribbon through