Squire Kitchen Instant Mix Pastillage Powder 250g

by Squires Kitchen
If youre looking to make strong sugar structures, just add water to Squires Kitchen Instant Mix Pastillage Powder for a high-quality icing that dries to a fine, ultra-strong finish. Squires Kitchen's pastillage icing mix is made with cane sugar and free-range egg albumen to make a strong, structural paste.
Use Squires Kitchen Pastillage Powder to create a variety of firm structural pieces, such as models of buildings, cribs, shells, umbrellas, cradles, and even lettering. It can also be used for decorating extravagant pastry and confectionery, as well as for pillars, plaques and ornaments on larger cakes. Once mixed and rolled out, this pastillage icing can be easily cut, shaped and moulded by hand.
The handy resealable pack keeps the mix fresh once opened and any leftover pastillage can be stored and saved for your next project.