Squires Kitchen SK Ready Tempered Isomalt Gold Sparkle 125g

by Squires Kitchen
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Ready?í´ÌÎÌ__Tempered?í´ÌÎÌ__Isomalt by squires Kitchen


  • Creating stunning edible decorations is now even easier with SK Ready-tempered Isomalt.
  • SK Ready-tempered Isomalt is a sugar-free alternative that is ideal for making decorative biscuit centres, pulled sugar work and moulded decorations
  • Simply melt in a microwave.?í´ÌÎÌ__
  • Squires Kitchen have pre-tempered the Isomalt so you donÌÎÌ__ÌÎÌ__í«ÌÎ?t have to ÌÎÌ__ÌÎÌ__Ì_å± just melt the blossoms and the Isomalt is ready to use!?í´ÌÎÌ__
  • For decorative biscuit centres, cut the desired shape out of the centre of each biscuit, then bake in the oven as normal. Once fully baked, remove the biscuits from the oven, pour a small amount of melted isomalt into each centre and leave to cool completely.


What is Isomalt?

Isomalt is a sugar substitute which has been obtained from sugar beet by treating it with enzymes. Isomalt is chemically grouped as disaccharide alcohol (polyol), it is safe for the teeth and has 50% less calories than table sugar. Food containing isomalt instead of sugars induces a lower blood glucose rise and lower insulinemic response after consumption compared to sugar. Isomalt has a melting point of 145?í´?C to 150?í´?C and is pre-tempered so it can be easily melted in the microwave